The techniques for adding your web into

1. Adding web into you should write descriptions and information in English only.
2. Do not add the same web that was in database. If you can not find your web, please wait 7 days for the audit team to complete your web. Otherwise your web may be removed from all databases.
3. You should be added a link back to before to prevent audit team was not found your web. This will make you lose rights.
Please make sure you put this link on your page, that's all we ask in exchange for our great service! Just copy and paste the code below into your page:

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One of the sure and key way of preparing for website is to add link to other websites or let other websites to link to your website. Traditionally, many do this by exchanging link with friends. In fact, exchanging link with friend does not make your website have higher SEO score unless the exchange of link is done with only the website of high quality. Why must have high SEO score? Many wonder that SEO score is for increasing website to have chance of being found by various search engines such as Google. Google itself provides higher score to website to which many websites link; such website would be ranked as being of good quality and has right to be displayed on the first page and has more chance of being found that those that have never been promoted or have been little promoted. Google also take other elements into consideration when ranking website including keyword in website, including the content that must be good and beneficial to visitors. However, mainly the thing that website creator must find is link, as quoted by a SEO professional as "Link is as a king and content of good quality a queen"
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